Ada Bea’s Downeast Adventure

When Ada Bea McC. moved “from away” to Maine’s sleepiest fishing village, she innocently tried to befriend the town’s most ornery and cantankerous resident, ol’ Grumpy Johnson. Laugh and cry as you follow Ada Bea’s wild and rollicking battle of wills with Grumpy throughout this Maine-inspired adventure until it reaches its exciting and heartwarming conclusion.

44 pages with color
ISBN 978-1-63381-285-7

44 pages with color
ISBN 978-1-63381-284-0

Ada Bea’s Downeast Adventure Audiobook

The audiobook is narrated by Jennywren Walker and features the voices of renowned Maine humorist Tim Sample. The audiobook also features award-winning music of Boston-born singer-songwriter Kathleen Regan with her song “Coast of Maine.” Learn more about Kathleen @KathleenReganMusic on social media and hear more of her music on any/all music streaming platforms.

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